LA CATRINA de LA Moda: out and about [LA]: The Bodyshop's Brush with Fashion Makeover Event

May 14, 2011

out and about [LA]: The Bodyshop's Brush with Fashion Makeover Event

Some weeks ago I was invited by The Bodyshop to attend an in store event at the Beverly Center location, where I was treated to a little mini makeover session with celebrity make up artist Shalini Vadhera.  The mini-makeover featured The Bodyshop's new makeup line "Brush with Fashion" a fun and practical makeup line perfect for the everyday "no-makeup" makeup look. 

The Brush with Fashion makeup line is a limited edition collaborative makeup line that was developed by the Bodyshop along with the London School of Fashion.  My favorite items from this new line are the two eye palettes, one in a Boho brown color scheme and the other in a black and silver edgy color scheme.  Both of these eye compacts are perfect for achieving a variety of looks, from a natural day look to the always stunning smokey eye.  The best part is that the eye compacts include a mini- eyeliner pencil inside the compact as well,  like I said before very practical.

This "mini-makeover" could not have arrived at a better time! Right before my store visit I happened to be very "bleh" over all of the skin care products I was using at the time.  While at The Bodyshop I was introduced to the variety of skin care products available and fell in love with a few of their products.

I was introduced to some amazing skincare must haves! Check out my favorites below.
Shop these products:
photo source for all product photos above: The Bodyshop

The Results
with fabulous makeup artist Shalini Vadhera
In addition to the wonderful products that the Bodyshop offers, they also care and support some amazing causes. Click here to sign The Bodyshop's petition against sex trafficking! I was also pleased to find out that many of the ingredients found in  the Bodyshop's products are community and fair traded products! 

I had a great time and enjoyed getting advice and tips on how to pamper and take care of my skin from a the very talented crew at the Bodyshop, a huge thank you  to them and to their fabulous PR team for everything!   The Bodyshop has some great offers like  buy two get one free to stay up to date make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter!



indie.electronic.alternative. said...

they did a great job with your makeup. looks natural. i like it!

Eli said...

you look so cute here too :) they've always had great products

Brandon said...

Nice Post! Glad I found this blog!

If you're into photography, check out my blog. I'm a photographer!

If you want, follow it and I'll do the same. Thank you. :)

antics of the moon said...

So glad i stumbled across your amazing blog via twitch vintage.. i will be stalking it in the future!

Shasie said...

Love the look! You look so pretty! Great job on the makeup!
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