LA CATRINA de LA Moda: What I Wore: The Orange Bag

May 26, 2011

What I Wore: The Orange Bag

top: vintage
shorts: H&M $25
shoes: BCBGeneration
bag: H&M $18
claw ring: Modtoast
lipstick: MAC Neon Orange

Can you believe that I am actually wearing earrings in this outfit,  this has to be the first time I wear earrings on the blog!  Not exactly sure why it has taken me so long to have an "earring appearance" on the blog, but I sometimes get in the rut of wearing the same thing over and over again, and then in the rut of not wearing a certain item  for a very long period of time and  for no particular reason.

Now that I have "rediscovered" the magic of earrings I am excited to add some "girly drama" to my outfits by adding a pair of earrings to my outfits!



GEMBEAR said...

you look amazing as usual. really like that top and those shoes together.


Amanda said...

How lovely!

Gawgus things... said...

I have that bag! It really brightens up an outfit :)

Closet Fashionista said...

I LOVE your bag!!!
Hehe, I always wear the same earrings, but they are studs so you can't even see them anyway

The Veda House said...

Love the orange bag and the shoes!!!

LĂșcia said...

love the necklace. lovely colour and it looks really good with the orange.

renee said...

Love the shoes and the top!! And you should definitely wear earrings more look tres jolie!

Mischell double W said...

im a huge fan of yours! love every look you post on your blog :)

Shasie said...

Love your orange bag!

Live Life in Style

Eli said...

love the pop of color this bag brings to your outfit! :)

I find myself wearing earrings less too, especially cause I get up at 6 am most days I totally forget cause I'm so sleepy. Too tired to look cute

Hope Bidinger said...

Such a lovely look!!! The orange bag with the turquoise necklace is fantastic!

This Charming Style said...

I love the bag, it does look wonderful with the necklace! And as you already know, i LOVE those shoes!

Bren @ B So Chic! said...

love the color of the bag and the shoes for sure!

B So Chic!

little moon lover said...

super cool look.. se siente una vibra de los 70s.. me encanta el anaranjado esta temporada.. simplemente un toque le da algo plus al outfit y esa bolsa esta padrisima.. pero el collar de donde es?? esta increible.. saludos!

Jessica said...

I'm in love with your top! It is fab. Also loving your cross necklace. I've never seen a bright colored one like that and it's really catching my eye. xoxo

Lainey said...

That polka dot blouse is so beautiful. I love the neutral color!