LA CATRINA de LA Moda: My very own "Ariana" Necklace by

Nov 26, 2011

My very own "Ariana" Necklace by

customized name necklace courtesy of

When I was younger I always wanted a "name" necklace very, very badly.  Actually to be more specific, I think I was  ten years old when I discovered I wanted a scripted name necklace of my own.  There was something so "cool" about wearing your scripted name around your neck.  As the years passed by, I refrained from getting myself the "name" necklace I had previously lusted so much over because at the time (and for some odd reason)  I did not like my name. Seriously don't ask me why, I really don't know the exact reason for which I was not a huge fan of my name at that time. Maybe the reason behind the "not-liking" of my name was  the fact that when I was younger I struggled to decide whether I wanted to go with the Spanish pronunciation of my name or the English one.  I am happy to say that I have grown to LOVE my name and now I really don't care whether others pronounce my name in English or Spanish.... both work just fine and represent me just right. I am a hybrid of my Mexican American culture and the pronunciation/s of  my name  represent that lovely hybrid.

This is why  I was beyond ecstatic and excited to received this "Ariana" necklace from, it is seriously perfect and came just at the right time since the month of November  happens to be my birthday month. I am very happy to add a timeless and very "me" piece of jewelery to my accessory collection and to say that I finally have my very own scripted name to wear around my neck!

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crayola actually said...

I love these kinds of necklaces, but I don't think I will ever own one as I find my name looks funny when spelled out haha.



Shevah said...

So pretty! :) Can't wait to see you wear it. Been loving all your instagram photos lately too love