What I Wore: Opposite Basics

top: H&M   /   skirt: Forever 21   /   necklace: courtesy of Poshlocket   /   purse: courtesy of Melie Bianco    /   boots: Steve Madden

You all know how much I love to mix my patterns, especially my polka dots and stripes, and you all know how much I love to pair tight body-con skirts with loose over sized tops.  That being said, we can conclude that this is a "typical" Ariana outfit.  I had a few days off from the blog, but I am back now! Thank you to you all for reading and supporting the blog and thank you for the recent lovely Birthday wishes!



Great look! Lovely tee and necklace <333

Miss you*

I love this outfit! The necklace is beautiful x
Love this!! You know whats funny, before my blog I would have thought this looked crazy, but now...its perfection :D
Anonymous said…
the boots, the melie bianco purse and the sunnies are the favorites! love the fact that the boots and purse don't match in color, like some people would say they should... never cared for that opinion.
Liezyl Gomez said…
love polka and stripes together!
Miss GigiV said…
love this look!! :)
Patty said…
Great outfit and blog :) I'm following you. Kisses from Spain.
Anonymous said…
i LOVE polka dots on you!
very cute bag;-)
The Key To Chic said…
Perfect mix of prints and proportion, love it! Polka dots are on my radar right now! Did you make it to the Thread Show by any chance? Was hoping to see you there!
lovely dots :) you look gorgeous, i like your style alot! everytime looking forward to see your new outfit :)