The Fashion Round-up: Currently

 Justine hot pink pointy shoes courtesy of Sole SocietyPhotobucket
lace up boots  and wedge booties courtesy of Sole Society
polka dot ruffle blouse, velvet body-con skirt and green textured body-con skirt all Forever 21
Gina dress in velvet and Damita lace dress courtesy of Motel Rocks
Love Label faux fur coat, colored jeans and black lace up booties courtesy of

This time around this weekly (as it's supposed to be) Fashion Round-up post is a little different than the past ones (here, here and here).  In past posts I usually highlight and feature items that I am crazy about as I come across them by browsing in stores and online.  Well, with this Fashion Round-up I decided to show you some of the new items from  my closet that I am totally "crazy" about and that for one reason or another have not had their little moment of "spotlight" here on the blog.

Very, very excited to rock all of these amazing new goodies, so look out for more outfit posts now that I am officially done with my crazy and hectic finals.  I am also glad that I finally get to enjoy the holidays by starting my decorating and shopping today!(yay!)  Tell me, what items from your closet are you "crazy" about right now?



xxM said…
I have the same black booties! I can't wait to wear them as well!

Anonymous said…
i love all these things!!
Naughty Baubles said…
You've got some amazing finds here...can't wait to see how you rock them :)
ibets said…
love all your pieces! you make me want some jeffrey campbell's sooo bad! those are to die for! ;)
Eli said…
I'm dying over those boots on the first picture! Sooo cute!!
Haidée said…
love it :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Followed your blog before but I didn't realize followed you through twitter and not Google. Now your blog's in my dashboard. :)

LOVE all the shoes!
Anonymous said…
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