LA CATRINA de LA Moda: [The Fashion Round-up]: Dealz and Stealz

Jan 11, 2012

[The Fashion Round-up]: Dealz and Stealz

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1. City Calling Blue Velvet Platforms available at ThreadSence $39
2. Pins and Needles Polka Dot  Dress  available at Urban Outfitters $59
3. Style&co. Red and Fuchsia Frontal Statement Necklace $28
4. ASOS Push Lock Across Body Bag $27
5.Melie Bianco Drew Womens Tote Handbag available at Piperlime $99
6. Old Navy Women's Faux Snakeskin Flats $22
7.Sabre Vision - Encore Sunglasses available at 80spurple $110
8. All About Meow Coat available at Modcloth $62
Let's Face it after all of the crazy December spending we can all use a deal or two, or three! For this week's "fashion round-up" above are eight great finds where you sure will be getting a lot for your buck!


EJC said...

I lovee number 1 and 6...naturally they are shoes!


little moon lover said...

#1, 4 and 8 I loved!!!
great items!