LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Marni for H&M [The Must Have] The Sequin Collar

Feb 22, 2012

Marni for H&M [The Must Have] The Sequin Collar

I rarely take the time to post about designer collaborations and such because well um, there seems to be no shortage of sites and other blogs that do so.  However, this time around I had to take a couple minutes from my day to share with you the one piece from the Marni for H&M collab that I "MUST" have.   That piece  is the super cute and fun sequin collar pictured above.

I am not one to camp out nor wait in a never ending line of obsessed shoppers to shop these VERY wanted designer collaboration collections.  Additionally, by the time I finally make it to the store, said collab or line is totally wiped clean from the sales floor.  I love to browse the collaborations online and comment and discuss with others about them,  but usually that is where I draw the line.  I am thinking that maybe this collaboration (Marni for H&M) might be the perfect occasion to actually break my "no crazy collab shopping" streak.  I still wonder if it's worth going through the hectic shopping procedure just for one sequined collar.  

Thoughts?  have you shopped any designer collaborations before, if so what tips can you give me?
 What Marni for H&M pieces are you most excited about and are you planning on shopping the collection come March 8th?

to see the full collection including prices you can check out

[photo collage made my Ariana for La Catrina de LA Moda, photo sources]


Naughty Baubles said...

The sequin collar is perfect. Just try and find the H&M off the beaten path that is actually getting the collection. You may have a good chance. Otherwise wear your boxing can get pretty nasty.

I actually really love the t-shirt she's wearing under the collar.

crayola actually said...

the collar is my favorite piece from the collection too! i was thinking about lining up to get it but had the same thoughts as you. is it worth all the trouble just for one collar? i quite like the silk shorts too so if i do end up lining up, i may get those :)