Budget [Chic]a- Spring Accessorizing with Color / Agregando Color con Accesorios

My favorite part of getting dressed and putting outfits together has to be the accessorizing.  That's why  it does not surprise me that the topic I love to share with you the most about is that of accessories!  I had been wanting to share this video post with you for some time now (since before Spring arrived!) but because the lack of time,  I had not been able to get it up here on the blog.  Below is a little video (the English version and Spanish version) where I share four methods of adding a little pop of fun spring color without having to think or spend too much.

Mi parte favorita de un "look" son  los accesorios. Es por eso que no me sorprende que el tema que me encanta compartir con ustedes mas es acerca los accesoriosYo quería compartir este video con ustedes desde hace algún tiempo (desde antes de que la primavera llegó!) pero por falta de tiempo no había sido capaz de llegar a subir lo aquí a el blog. A continuación se muestra un pequeño video (la versión en Inglés y la versión en español) donde comparto cuatro métodos para agregar un poco de color divertido para la primavera sin tener que pensar mucho ni gastar demasiado.

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Add a Colorful Statement Necklace
Add a pop of color by adding a fun and interesting statement necklace to your basics for a fun and effortless spring look.

some options for you:
1) Need Supply Co. Turquoise Tooth Necklace in blue $14
2) Banana Republic Island Oasis Necklace $60
3) Adia Kibur Super Bright Neon Necklace $48

Add a Fun and Bright Neon Bag!
another way to add a pop of color to any basic outfit without having to do much is by switching out your black or tan "go-to" bag for a neon one this season.  Neon can be paired with pretty much anything this season, pair it with unexpected pieces and shades of color for a fun eclectic and effortless look.

some options for you:

Add a Minimal and Modern Wedge in an Unexpected Color Choice
An easy way to add a "new" element to basic outfits is by your choice of footwear.  Of course, it's a given  that sandals in bright colors are hot for every Spring no matter how many years go by.  However, this year pick an unexpected and unique shade for your footwear such as a mint, coral, or a medium pink.  Don't just stop with the suggestions I am giving you, the color possibilities are endless!

some options for you:

Hope you enjoyed my picks! If you have any questions or suggestions for new videos you can tweet me, FB me and email me: info@lacatrinadelamoda.com

video details:
wearing top courtesy of Sugar Lips Apparel
bright pink necklace courtesy of Sway Chic
Mint Phebe wedges courtesy of Sole Society


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