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The bottom line is that I have been and continue to be super busy! This busy schedule explains the slow down of posts on the blog.   I want to thank you for sticking around and  I want to let you know that there are great things coming.  Above, are some of my recent and favorite  Instagram photos (find me, username is ari_c).  In the meantime, tag along and follow my (constant) updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Stay close because I have  an amazing spring video that I can't wait to share with you!  Lots of xoxo's your way.....


Anonymous said…
I love this!!
Annette said…
Loving this mini diary!! And the peeps of Neon yellow in nearly every shot.

Gotta Love Instragram. I am soo addicted!!
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Anonymous said…
great snapshots! i think i can guess what your new favorite handbag is :)
Shaira said…
Yay! Neon Yellow <3