Budget Chic-a: Dealz and Stealz [May] TJ Maxx

[white Report Signature shoes courtesy of Report Footwear]
As promised, here is a quick video of a few budget finds from a recent (and unplanned) trip to
 my local TJ Maxx store. This was a quick video so please disregard a few stutters and notice that 
I have started to play around with my iMovie.  I am still working on the clarity of the video and 
on making my dog be quiet, so please bear with me!

 I usually always find great deals at my local TJ Maxx and other discount stores, this is why
 I have decided to share a few tips on shopping the discounter stores with you:

-Always go with an open mind and NEVER go to a discount store looking for a particular item or for a particular style, because chances are that you will not find it and leave the store disappointed.

-Take your time looking around the store, pick an end of the store and start there and after move around from department to department depending on your favorite ones.   I always start at the shoes and handbags, then make my way to the clothes and lastly the home goods.

-Check the store regularly.  Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls receive weekly shipments, so I normally stop by when I have nothing else to do.

-Always try on clothing and shoes.  Many times the sizing and fit is off on a lot of the items that are on sale at discount stores (that is probably why they are there), therefore make sure you try on before you buy.

-This is a MAJOR TIP:  if you are not in love with it.... DO NOT buy it!  Many times we get the urge to purchase something simply because it's on sale and because it seems to be a great deal, but in reality we don't love it as much.  Make sure the purchase is something that you truly will wear and get great use out of!  

hope you enjoyed the video and my tips!


The Key To Chic said…
I have found your tips to be so true! Patience is key! Also want to kindly point out that it should be "bear" instead of "bare." Love the striped platforms, and I can imagine you wearing them with a printed dress or shorts - so cute! Enjoy!
Great vid! Your tips are SO TRUE.

Hasta ahora guapa :)

kim said…
great video, I really enjoyed it :)

forever plotting,

_kimber thug | Meow Meow