[Out and About] WWD MAGIC: Day Two Highlights

Ready to take on "Day Two" of WWD MAGIC Tradeshow!
 It feels great to be a part of the WWD action.  As soon as you step into the show floor there is such a great energy and vibe.  
 It was fun to share some of our insight when it came to "top" booth picks.  All bloggers were assigned a time to go and scout and search the floor, pick up the items they liked the most and then share with buyers, bloggers and other guests of the Social House.
 It was a pleasure to participate in the discussion panel regarding social media at the WWD MAGIC Social House.  Other bloggers and I discussed on the different advantages of different social media platforms and shared our opinions on how to use them effectively to engage viewers.
 I started the day off with different shoes, halfway through the day I had to make the switch to flat sandals.  It's very difficult to wear chic high heel shoes when you are working on your feet ALL day! 

The Vegas lights never get old!  It was my first time in Vegas for work and not for "play" so it was a little different than what I was used to.  However, the fact that WWD MAGIC happens in Vegas, makes for a more unique and memorable experience (at least for me!)




Anonymous said…
what a cute outfit!
love it