[What I Wore] Repeat Offenders

dress: Vans     /   bag: Michael Kors     /    necklace + hat: Forever 21     /      shoes: ZARA    /      sunglasses: House of Harlow 1960  

When I love an item from my closet, there is no doubt that it will be repeated and repeated until I am sick of it, until it no longer fits properly or until it shreds to pieces.  There is nothing wrong with repeating pieces, as a matter of fact in my humble opinion the best wardrobe is the one that contains the most re-wearable garments and accessories.  Many times we get fed an idea that articles of clothing and even accessories should not be repeated, this happens even more so as "fast fashion" becomes "faster" and more commonplace.  Well, I love me some fast fashion and I love experiencing and trying new trends, but I try to not be a "slave"of fast fashion culture.  It may be that I am tired of having to deal with low quality (one time use) pieces and / or that I am growing older and wiser, but I have no shame in wearing something over and over.  In my case, the fun in fashion is all about mixing, matching and reworking existing pieces in as many ways as possible.  I like to call it fashion math.

Long story short, it's TOTALLY okay to re-wear garments and accessories.   In this post I am wearing some of my favorite pieces and to prove my point, here is a break down:

-Hat and necklace are both from two years ago
- Sunglasses are from three (maybe more) years ago
-Handbag was bought last fall
-Sandals are from last year
-Dress is from Vans' current spring/summer line, but I have worn it endlessly !

And there you have it, some of my best/most favorite outfits all consist of very old (re-worked) pieces or items I have scored for very cheap prices in the past.


Ariana Cabral


First of all...I love your dress so much...and have always wanted those shades you rock. so cute.
and - I was just talking about this. It's totally ok to rewear things. I mean, we're all human. Sometimes I wear the same thing twice in a week...or heck even two days in a row. haha! ;) Anyway, you look great. Hope to see you sometime soon. xoxo
Nydia said…
Love this look! Especially the hat and necklace! It’s fun and creative to find new ways of wearing the same item <3

Olivia Noel said…
You look amazing and I love the print of this dress! xx