[Back to School] First Day of Class

Back in the day, when I went to school there was nothing more exciting and full of anticipation than the first day of school.  So many questions, the most important one of course was "what to wear!?" In celebration of all the youngins' that are headed back to school (or already are back) we have decided to pretend we are also going back to school! If we had our "First Day of School" back, then the most important and fun question would remain... what would our first day of school outfit look like!? Below is what our ideal first day of school outfit would look like today! A little bit cool, a little bit effortless, a little mismatched and with the perfect dose of glam thanks to the cat eye sunnies and red lipstick we added.  Click on the links below for full item details.

To finish off, we leave you with a Back To School Macy's fashion video that we recently worked on.   Even if you don't go to school anymore, you can still rock a cool pair of kicks or backpack.  Share with us what your first day of class outfit would look like!

Stay Cool! xx

Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style