LA CATRINA de LA Moda: Out and About [Del Mar]: Opening Day

Aug 4, 2014

Out and About [Del Mar]: Opening Day

A few weeks ago, we headed south to the San Diego area for a little weekday (felt like a weekend) getaway.  Thanks to the boyfriend I have learned to love horse racing.  The horses are beautiful, the track is filled with anxiety and emotion, it's the perfect opportunity to dress up and a fun place to people watch, what is there not to love about horse racing.  It was my third time visiting the Del Mar racetrack, but I must say it was the best yet.  This time around I was able to get a behind the scenes look of the beautiful track, I was even able to set foot inside the paddock. Yes, I know, pretty amazing!

To make the trip even better this time around, we decided to make our trip a little weekday vacay.  We stayed nearby the track at a very cute hotel and lounged by the pool that night.  The next day we strolled around Solana beach and soaked up the sun and took in the beautiful beach view.  I seriously can't wait to explore more next time around.


Ariana Cabral- Founder and Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

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gorgeous photos!