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Oct 28, 2014

[ The IT List: It's a Hat Thing] Wool Wide-Brim Fedora

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There is one accessory that will instantly add a fall vibe to anything that you wear, that accessory is the wool wide brim fedora which can also be called the wool panama hat.  I like this version of a fall hat because it's a bit more "menswear" inspired as opposed to another popular style the floppy hat.  Below, we have outlined our favorite fall hats in all price ranges.  

If you are not too sure about being able to rock the hat this fall, or if you want to go with a style that is not very classic, we recommend you go with a hat that is priced on the lower side.  See the options in our "$" section below, the prices start at $14 giving you a guilt free chance at the fall hat trend.  The best part is that you don't have to stress about the care of the hat, best for traveling.

If you are a "hat pro" and you are looking for a wool hat that will last you for years, then we recommend purchasing a hat at a higher price point in a classic style (black, grey or brown) the quality will be apparent in the details, especially in the way it retains it's shape.  For those on neither side, there is always middle ground, there are great hat options under $100 that offer both great quality and great value for the price.  Now, go for it!  You can shop directly from our picks below by clicking on the corresponding links at the bottom of the image.

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Happy fall hat shopping
Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

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