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Oct 21, 2014

[The IT List: Fall Footwear] Key Players

October marks the stepping stone to amazing fall and winter weather, meaning cozy outfits and finally (in Los Angeles) layered outfit possibilities.   I hate to play favorites, but October, November & December are my favorite months of the year to plan and come up with outfits.  Maybe it's because my birthday lands on November (& my shopping budget goes up generously) or maybe it's because I love outerwear and boots, okay maybe it's both. So, what better time than now to take a look at three footwear styles that are the must have "key players" for Fall and Winter. 

[images from Pinterest, Scent of Obsession, Fashion Landscape]
 We all know that fall is about boots and closed toe shoes, but these three styles below have a new and fresh vibe, when styled accordingly (see inspiration board above) Now for the picks...
There is no doubt about it, I am crazy about sneakers, especially about dressing them up and mixing them into an outfit in an unexpected way.  During spring and summer it was all about combining the sneaker with a leather mini skirt or a girly dress.  For fall and winter, it's all about combining the "it" sneaker with leather pants or leggings, a blazer, or my favorite... a long coat or trench.  Think basic, but better.
The point is back, I know you are thinking duh! Well, lets say it's back, but better.  Pointed animal print boots in pony hair are perfect for those blue jean and white tee outfits, a no brainer look!  A laced up pointed pump will add edge and a tough flair to a girly dress or a classic shift dress.  Lastly, a pointed hybrid boot (its' a mix of a mule, sandal & boot!) in a deep fall shade (black works too) paired with a pencil skirt and a cozy over sized crew neck sweater is all you need for the perfect minimal no fuss outfit.
[black & white]   [tan leather]   [black]
Last but not least and maybe the most adorable yet confused style is the "Sandal Boot".  This shoe is perfect for our crazy, confused and warmer Los Angeles fall weather, because it has the look of a boot and the feel of a sandal.  This style goes with everything, jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, it's soooo versatile, easy to wear and super walkable when the heel is stacked/ blocked.

There you have it, feel free to share and shop this shoe guide.


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style


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