[2015] Back to Basics

I am the first one to admit (and I probably do so every time I update a new blog post on here) that I have not been the greatest "blogger" the last two to three years.  As a matter of fact, I don't even consider myself a "fashion blogger" anymore.  Before I started working in the fashion industry as a stylist, "fashion blogging" was the only way I had of feeling included in the industry, so I held on to that label very tightly.   First, because I loved blogging and secondly because I wanted to be identified as someone with some kind of connection to the industry.  Fast forward 2-3 years (or more!) and I now find myself consumed with an array and endless list of time consuming, everyday tasks that make it extremely difficult for me to sit down and focus on my blogging.  At times, it even felt like I had lost the "blogging spark".  Blogging and sharing about my interests in fashion, shopping, or about what I was wearing was no longer a priority.  As I started getting more styling work, I found myself doing a lot more non-fashion related things on my free time instead of blogging about fashion.  Where before, my free time was consumed with fashion and fashion blogging.

Sadly the blog posts have become fewer, but I am ready to change that!  I have started the year off feeling super inspired to share again through this platform.  This may sound a little cliche, I know, but I seriously feel like I have found my "voice" again and rediscovered blogging.  I titled this post "Back to Basics" because this is exactly my theme/ goal/ mission this year.  I want to get back to basics, I want to get rid of all the extra fluff and nonsense that clouds and makes everything so confusing and overly complicated.

The food detox and diet led me to try new things,  I added all of these healthy products to my diet for the very first time.

Back to Basics: My Body, Lifestyle and Health:  I just completed a three week food based detox and let me tell you, it was tough!  I love food, I love to eat food and my whole life up to now, eating healthy food was not a focus for me.  As I mature (in all senses) I have learned that I want to take better care of my health and my body.  This has led me to initiate some pretty drastic changes.  Having a better diet, being active (working out regularly) and educating myself about what is good and healthy for my body is now my focus and my priority.  Last year, my focus was on my career and styling.  While I still love and value my work, this year I want to get back to basics, the first "basic" being health.  My health comes first and in order for me to give 100% to my work, family and friends I need to build a strong foundation.
On a journey to create a better foundation for success.

I am very excited to make small but meaningful changes in my life, not just in regard to diet and fitness, but overall as a whole.  Changing my mindset, completing the detox and adopting a healthy diet and healthy fitness habits has proven to have a trickle effect in other areas of my life.  I find myself de-cluttering in all areas of my life, both emotional and physical.  During the three week detox I simplified my beauty routine.  I kept it simple and easy, with less steps, less makeup and more natural products.  I will never be able to say goodbye to makeup for good, because lets be honest I love my bold red lipstick and my mascara way too much.  However, it felt nice to go makeup free for six out of seven days of the week and wow did my skin thank me for it.  With the detoxing my body went through and  the minimal use of makeup and chemicals my skin was glowing!

Some of the beauty products I used on my face and hair during the three week "detox".

This "back to basics" "less is more" and "keep it simple" mindset has also carried on to my closet and to my personal style.  I did not allow myself to shop (for clothes or accessories) while on the three week detox and I have continued to hold myself back from impulse shopping.  I catch myself asking "do I really need it?" "why do I want to buy it?" and "could I live without it?" all the time, leading me to walk away from unnecessary clothes and accessory purchases.  Aesthetic wise, I am reaching for my basic pieces over and over again, wearing sneakers 95% of the time and even excited to throw on my workout clothes as soon as I get home.  Additionally, I am loving anything and everything that screams "sporty chic".

I can't stop wearing these New Balance sneakers.  From leggings, blazers, jeans, skirts and dresses they go with it all.

I am working on myself and this has inspired me to share on the blog again.  I am eager to share this new phase of my life with you, along with the rest of my adventures. I am happy to let this blog be my own personal space again, with fashion, outfits, behind the scenes from my styling work and a little insight into my journey to a better, stronger and healthier version of myself.  Lets get started!  Happy 2015, lets make it a good one.

xo- Ari