LA CATRINA de LA Moda: [Out and About] Seattle Travel Day One: Alki Beach

Aug 22, 2016

[Out and About] Seattle Travel Day One: Alki Beach

 This summer I headed to Seattle and portland. We originally only planned for Seattle, but eventually extended the trip and were able to visit two cities by planning to fly in to Seattle, stay for a few days, rent a car, drive down to Portland and fly back home from PDX.  Why not? We were already so close.  I had visited both Seattle and Portland years ago as a child, but it's not the same as exploring the cities as an adult. I will be sharing the highlights of both cities in a series of blog posts.  First up... Seattle!

[Alki Beach where I found the perfect photo opps with complete Seattle skyline in the back, including the space needle]
[beach access off one of the parks on Alki Trail]
When I travel, even though my BF finds it annoying I always, always compose lists of what I want to do, see and eat! First on the list was a visit Alki Beach to catch the Sunset.  Alki Beach is a waterfront beach area, the westernmost part of Seattle located on Elliot Bay.  We took an Uber from our hotel in Downtown Seattle, a fun drive over the West Seattle Bridge.  Having a fun driver that bumped some RiRi helped too.  A fun and fast drive later, let's just say we made it right on time for sunset.

[more amazing views on the waterfront]

As soon as we got dropped off, I was in awe of the views.  As the sun started setting more and more, you could see the reflection of the city lights on the water and as the water moved the lights seemed to flicker to the sound of the water.  SO beautiful, relaxing and special.

[the perfect view from the Marination Mai Kai Patio]
We decided to hop on the ferry (water taxi) at Seacrest Dock in order to get back to Downtown Seattle, but not before grabbing a quick drink at Marination Ma Kai.  We sipped on our drinks in a hurry as we to took in the view from the the perfectly casual patio at Marination and then on to the water taxi we went.

[taking in the view from the water taxi]
Again, we couldn't have timed our water taxi ride back to the city more perfectly,
allowing us to witness one of the most beautiful and magical sunsets.
[trying to capture it all]

[the gorgeous sunset we witnessed]
[view from the Pier 50 terminal, where the water arrived back to downtown]
[arrived back to this view at Pier 50]
If you are like me and live for chasing the best views and the most magical sunsets, then this spot is a must when in Seattle.  The best part of it all is that it's super accessible and affordable.  The ride back on the water taxi was about $5-$6! Yeap. CHEAP!

More Seattle and Portland highlights to follow.

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