[Out & About] OREGON: Downtown Portland & Multnomah Falls

Here it is! a little photo diary of my trip to Portland Oregon. I must say it was a short stay, I would have extended
my stay in Portland at least by two days if time would have permitted. Nonetheless, I was able to get a little taste
of PDX and the beautiful greenery that surrounds the city.
  Arrived to the city and was pleasantly surprised by a cute farmers market right in the middle of Pioneer Courthouse Square. 
Stayed at the Sentinel and of course, I had to make my rounds.  My first stop was Stumptown Coffee & Roasters conveniently 
located at the Ace Hotel.  The second stop was none other than Voodoo Doughnut.  Check out the goods below.
I really loved the street cart vendors all around downtown PDX.  Stopped by to grab some coffee and a quick bite every morning, it was nice to get friendly service plus a nice chat here and there with the local shop owners & workers. 
Coffee, coffee, coffee at every corner.  One of the reasons I really enjoyed PDX!
For dinner: Pok Pok   //  for a light late night bite & wine/ brew: Clyde Common
ZERO sales tax = mini shopping spree at Nike!
Laid back, chill & sporty was the vibe I rocked throughout my stay in PDX.
Now for the GREEN!  Portland is surrounded by so MUCH GREEN, which means we had to get out and explore nature.  This was mainly the reason why the boyfriend and I opted for a car rental, which we did not regret one bit.  Part of the whole experience of exploring the outdoors in Oregon was driving around and getting to our destination.  Having the freedom to roam and explore as we pleased, stop at any sight that caught our attention was what made our visit so special and memorable.  Multnomah Falls is located about 30 minutes away from Portland, a super easy drive and so worth it.  
Upon arriving, we were greeted by this beautiful and breathtaking view! Visitors have the option to take in the view from the bottom of the waterfall, walk up to the bridge, hike up about a mile to the top of the falls, or hike up about 6 miles to the top of the mountain.  Being that we were limited on time and did not plan to stay there the entire day we chose to hike up the one mile to the very top of the waterfall.
The hike up was pretty steep, but very "do-able" and great workout with so many great scenic views and photo opportunities.
Once we made it to the very top, we took some time to relax and explore. In LA (unfortunately) we are currently experiencing a drought. Therefore, I was beyond excited to be surrounded by SO MUCH GREEN. 
On our way back to the city we took the Historic Columbia River Hwy west, allowing us to make quick stops at Wahkeena Falls, Shepperd's Dell Falls, Latourell Falls and a final pit stop at the Vista House at Crown Point where we were able to take in a gorgeous 360 degree view of the surrounding area, as shown below.
Short and sweet is how I would describe my trip to Oregon.  However, beyond pleased that I had the opportunity to detach from the LA hustle and was able to get in touch with nature.  I will be back for sure, but next time be assured that I will schedule a lot more days filled with outdoor adventures and exploration.

Until next time! Where to next!??