[Ari de Vaga] en Tequila Jalisco

Colorful corners at Hacienda Herradura, in Amatitan Mexico.
The second stop during my Mexico vacation was the magical little town of Tequila Jalisco, which happens to be the geographical region where TEQUILA originates from!  While in the area I took a tour of Hacienda Herradura over  400 years old and one of the originating tequila producing haciendas of Jalisco.  After that,  I visited and strolled the town's "centro" and enjoyed the lovely view of the town's church and jardin area.

Tequila is about half an hour away from the city of Guadalajara, making it the perfect destination for a day trip from Guadalajara.  It was very interesting to learn about the history of Tequila, the process of the distillery and of course I enjoyed the tequila tastings very much!  By the way and FYI..... I learned that taking tequila shots is NOT the proper way to drink your tequila! You are actually supposed to sip and enjoy your tequila in a similar way to the way you enjoy a glass of wine.  Gracias Tequila, for teaching me the proper way to enjoy tequila and for helping me expand my tequila collection.  Salusita! Cheers!
 PiƱas from the blue agave plants, before they go into the oven to be cooked for 24 hours, in order to extract the nectar.
Blue agave plants with the large ovens in the background at Hacienda Herradura.