[ B O D A ] My Final Wedding Look: All About the Accessories + Dress Shopping Guide!

Photo by: Burrow and Thistle
As you saw from the previous blog post, it took a lot of dresses that were "no's" in order to find the final wedding look that felt true to my style.  I struggled to find "THE" dress and at first I couldn't figure out exactly why.   I finally realized that I  struggled to find a dress that was a right fit for me because I have and probably will always be an accessories type of girl.  In my book accessories are what make and completes a look.  I ended up choosing a ceremony dress that had no lace at all, therefore allowing the dress to be a blank canvas and allowing me to go BOLD with the accessories.

 The Ceremony

Since the start of my wedding planning process when in search of "bridal inspiration" I found myself gravitating towards a vintage, glam, Spanish/Mexican inspired look.  Vibrant, warm, bold and rich florals, gold vintage accents and a little bit of drama   As soon as I decided on the dress I moved on in search of a bold, vintage inspired mantilla veil style.  I had a vision of what I wanted my ceremony bridal look to be and spent months in search of all of the different pieces to bring the look together.   This is why the moment I looked in the mirror and saw myself on my wedding day for the first time, I became very emotional.

There was something so special about seeing my vision come to life, this was a moment I will definitely remember and treasure forever.  Working as a stylist, my days are spent dressing and making others look and feel their absolute best and this day was one of the few days I have gotten a chance to do the same exact thing for myself.  I am now excited to keep and treasure the Mercedes Salazar earrings I used for my bridal look and equally as excited to add them to my jewelry collection.
Dress: Pronovias     /       Veil:   Custom Veil by Dream Dresses By PNM          
Earrings: Mercedes Salazar     /      Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

  The Reception

For the reception, I went the total opposite direction! With this look I went with a simpler "boho" vibe. Since my reception was outdoor, the terrain a bit rugged and the weather on the warm side I wanted to make sure that I wore a dress that would allow me to feel comfortable, was light enough to move and dance around freely in, all while still feeling beautiful and special.

I found a beautiful thick lace gown that checked off all the above requirements, I had my seamstress add a bit of boning and structure to the abdomen and lower back area in order to get a more flattering fit and trust me it definitely helped! I finished off the look with a stunning gold flower headpiece that I found by luck from a French independent designer and paired the look with chunky velvet platforms that were both stunning and comfortable enough to dance the night away in!
 Dress: Lovers Society     /      Headpiece:  Mignonne Handmade     /     Shoes: Sam Edelman

 Photography by: The Times We Have

Finding the perfect dress (in my case, the perfect dresses) was a mission, but a very special one.  There is something very magical about getting to play dress up and feel like your own kind of princess for a day.  Nonetheless, there are a few very practical and life saving tips I want to share for those brides (and future brides to be) below:

La Catrina Style's
Wedding Dress Shopping Guide

  • DO research online, but don’t rely heavily on it.  What looks great online on models is not what  always looks great in person.  GET IN THE STORES AND START TRYING ON ASAP!
  • Be very strategic about the boutiques you choose to make appointments at.  Do research and make sure they carry designers and styles that speak to you and your aesthetic and most importantly your BUDGET!
  • DO NOT TRY ON THE DRESS THAT IS OVER BUDGET.  Fight the temptation, it will only set you up for failure.  What happens if you fall " in love" with it.  If so, all the other dress are not going to match and will only make things more difficult.  Avoid disappointment.  Shop smart!
  • Be very selective on who you take with you on your appointments.  Energy and vibes are a real thing.  It's all fun and champagne until someone's opinion gets too pushy!
  • Show up with your makeup done and take all the undergarments, shape-wear and shoes you would normally wear under a wedding dress.

DO NOT BE SCARED TO TRY ON STYLES YOU NORMALLY SAY "NO" TO.  Have an open mind when it comes to styles and silhouettes.

  • DON'T be afraid to look in places that are non- bridal for accessories.
  • DON"T be afraid to be bold, to stand out or to stray away from the "traditional bridal" look.
  • If you like bold accessories go for a simpler dress, so that the accessories stand out.
  • If you like heavy lace and more elaborate dresses go with simpler accessories.
  • Stick to your vision and stay true to your style and personality, use accessories as a way to show who you are.
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Lily vera said…
Beautiful wedding. I love your creativity . The dress, the colors, can’t say enough. You looked absolutely stunning. Thanks you for the inspiration