LA CATRINA de LA Moda: quick outfit

May 31, 2010

quick outfit

What I Wore

 Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend :)

This is a very quick outfit post, just as it was a very quickly assembled and "thrown on" outfit.
The jacket is the one I mentioned here, I had to buy it while I was in San Diego since I did not pack a jacket and it was cold!   The rest of the stuff I am wearing is repeated, and the items as you can tell have had multiple appearances here on the blog.  I can't help it, when I love something I want to wear it all the time, additionally I don't have a budget that allows me to buy something and only wear it once.  That is a major NO-NO.

chambray jacket + jeans both URBAN OUTFITTERS
sunglasses SPITFIRE via metropark

going to enjoy the rest of my Monday off work :)



Kara said...

great outfit- those jeans are awesome!
haha and I swear all the outfits of yours i've seen with the Snick mind subliminally starts telling me I should probably buy them because they would look that good on me too(which is doubtful). I love 'em! :)

TheStrawberryFields said...

Great quick outfit, casual relaxed but cool with those wedges,i think i need those lol.
Great little blog i stumbled across it from Kara's blog.

simplychic said...

those JC's are hot!!!

great blog. i'll definitely be back ;)

Style ninfa said...

I'm also mexican
arriba las mexicanas
I loved your outfit
and those shoes are stunning
xoxo Angie

visit my blog

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Hi Ari, my name is Ari too :) :)
Love this Outfit so Cute..Clogs :)
Cute Blog x

Neekoh said...

The jacket is a great purchase! I can see it going with so many things. I like the little flowers peeking through, too... gives it just the right touch of girly.