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Jun 23, 2010


What I Wore

Finally wore the Alternative Apparel t-shirt from the Deal Hunting Post this past weekend.  It's super comfy, and basic.  I still haven't decided if I am going to turn it into a DIY, by adding holes to it.  Or let me put it this way, I haven't decided if I am going to ruin this shirt, by adding holes to it.  I think I have mentioned before that I am terrible at completing DIY's,  I will usually either ruin the item  I am trying to DIY, or I will never finish.  ALSO: I mentioned a giveaway on the previous post, I will be giving away one of two F21 rings from my bling blingn' post.  Keep posted I will take pictures of them and share the details on the next post.

ALTERNATIVE APPAREL t-shirt/camiseta
METROPARK USA skirt/falda
JEFFREY CAMPBELL snick wedge/zapatos
F21 bag/bolso
GUCCI sunnies/gafas
TARGET socks/calcetines

Por fin me puse la camiseta de Alternative Apparel este fin de semana pasado. Es super cómoda, y basica. Todavía no he decidido si voy a convertirlo en un proyecto DIY, haciendole agujeros. O déjame ponerlo de esta manera, no he decidido si voy a  aruinar esta camiseta, haciendole agujeros. Creo que he mencionado antes de que yo soy terrible completando DIY's, yo por lo general aruino el DIY que estoy tratando de hacer, o nunca termino. TAMBIÉN: he mencionado un sorteo en el post anterior, voy a regalar uno de los dos anillos de F21 de el post bling blingn'. Voy a tomar fotos de ellos y compartir los detalles en el próximo post.



libys11 said...

wonderful outfit!! as i said in chictopia, i think this color palette is just stunning!! i love your clogs too!! :D

Animated Confessions

Michelle Elaine said...

I should try an all one shade / hue outfit. It'd probably end up being black though :/ I don't think I have too much color in my closet.


Jony said...

Lovely skirt and tee!!

Domonique said...

love this look, the socks with the shoes..perfection!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Absolutely love this outfit. Those wedges are amazing!SarahD:)

Charlene said...

Love this! Great colours!!

F Blog said...

i lovee this especially the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love it <3

Yaary said...

loving this outfit! the colors are so nicee and the necklaces too :)

Wendy said...

I really like the clog wedges!

Lucy Laucht said...

awesome wedges! Lucy Laucht

Claire said...

cool outfit! love the shoes and skirt!

Ashley said...

I love your skirt and necklaces!! :)


Style_Pursuit said...

Hey there!
I'm new to your blog and already in love with it! :o)
Amazing style!